Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Some much needed luxe in Ho Chi Minh

Checked into the Continental Hotel for some much needed luxe after training. Best shower/breakfast ever. Amazing grand old hotel where all the war correspondents used to stay. Spent lots of time in the courtyard drinking beer and pretending to write something important in my notebook. Ho Chi Minh city completely different from Hanoi. All designer stores and high rise buildings and really hard to get around. Did some war museum type stuff which is just really sad - have seen enough images of people deformed by Agent Orange to last me a life time. Lots hotter than Hanoi which is not good. Liberation day coming up so red flags and banners hanging all down the streets and lots of montages on TV to the Vietnam Ho Chi Minh song which is extremely catchy. This new kind of communism seems pretty sweet. While I could never support a political system that denies the people Chanel, if you can have designer stores and lots of flags/montages it seems like it could work.

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  1. I cannot wait for you to sing the Ho Chi Minh song when you come home.