Thursday, 5 May 2011

Templing and being hustled by 4 year olds

Hired a driver and car for the day to go templing as decided I needed air conditioning in 37 degree heat. Having a driver suits me just fine. The temples around Sien Reap are absolutely amazing. Gave up taking photos in the end as impossible to do them justice and capture the sheer scale and beauty. There is also a tree which apparently featured in the movie Tomb Raider. Not being familar with the adventures of this large titted lady the significance of this was somewhat lost on me. Got the outfit completely wrong. Short dress and lots of steep stairs resulting in the tourists at Ankor Wat seeing far more of my ass than anyone really needs to. Unless you have a really nice bum I would strongly recommend shorts. I ended up having to buy a berry harem pant jumpsuit, partly due to the flashing and partly due to the fact that like Uncle Ho, Buddha is not a massive fan of ass/shoulders/ legs and I didn't want a repeat of the loud hailer whore incident. Potentially the most unflattering purchase of all time - looked like a cherry blimp and then it kept billowing in the wind which only added to the effect. There were lots of little kids selling stuff around the temples. I got followed for ages and they wouldn't  leave me alone so decided to buy stuff. This was not a good idea as they just swarmed me and it is really hard to say no to cute hungry looking four year olds selling bracelets and fridge magnets. Ended up with quite the selection of magnets, bracelets and postcards. I did wonder if anyone would notice if I just popped one in my car. A child who can help with expenses is not an enitrely flawed concept - cuts down on all that day care shiz. She could sell bracelets on P Road while I had a flat white. Needless to say looked tre ridiculous templing in my jumpsuit and arms full of friendship bracelets.

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