Sunday, 24 April 2011

I heart Singapore Girl

A most excellent flight from Singapore to Hanoi. I like an airline that understands that all anyone really wants to do on a flight is get drunk and make time pass as quickly as possible.They give you a printed menu (including a selection of cocktails) so you know that you are going to get food and not starve to death or spend the whole trip waiting for the meal to be served only to discover there is no meal. There were snacks and wine, and more wine and food and then more wine - delightful. They also do the hot towels - one of the best things in the world. All the air hostesses are smoking - there is something very pleasant about being served food by hot bitches. They did all have suspiciously consistenly large boobs given their size. They either wear padded suits or all get their tits done, either way it shows an attention to detail not seen with many airlines. A little less money on Snoop Dogg and Richard Simmons and a little more money on hot towels, cocktails and boob jobs would not go astray.

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