Sunday, 24 April 2011

One night in Singapore

Got in at six and had to leave at eight in the morning but managed a quick trip to Orchid Road for shopping and amazing dinner of hand made prawn noodles, dumplings and spring onion pancakes. Was extremely humid but keratine hair straightening seems to be holding up well. Ride in from the airport is fairly stunning as far as rides in from airports go - all green trees and pretty flowers. Massive buildings and heaps of shops. The place stinks of money which smells just fine to me. Mum kept trying to tell me it was illegal to smoke in Singapore and that I was going to get arrested and probably thrown in jail- the Schapelle Corby of cigarette smoking. Bought new sunnies and more maxi skirts for travelling boho madness. Travel wardrobe now complete and not a camo cargo zip on  button off item in site.

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