Thursday, 28 April 2011

I've got Hos in different area codes

Went to see Uncle Ho this morning but unfortunately I was looking a little too Ho for Ho. Got pulled out of a massive line of people by a lady with a loud speaker and got made to cover up with a scarf. Lined up for ages to see Ho -was kind of weird  to  see him just lying in a glass case like a communist snow white flanked by heaps of guards who just have to stand there all day with huge guns. Got in trouble a lot - for walking on the grass (something not to be enjoyed by the working masses clearly) and then got manhandled by the guard for walking too slowly past the coffin (slight exaggeration for dramatic effect but he did grab my arm and propel me forward which I think safely falls into a loose interpretation of manhandling)

The Presidential Palace where Ho Chi Minh definitely did not live.

The modest stilt house right next door to the palace where Ho did live.
Ho's lamp

Ho's peacock in a ridiculously small cage.

Ho's guard.

Ho's fish.

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